tss_groupWhat is the Social API?

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Have all of your information on the Internet managed from a single location.
It’s the best way to describe what the suite of services encompasses.

Social API: An API, for the beginners in the audience, is what s used to connect to information. Like how Google connects to your Facebook and shares information. They use an API.

What the Social API does is manage all of the most critical information that is connected to your social networks.
A Social Network is not just a bunch of friends hanging out and chatting.
Your Business to Business website needs to manage its social networks in order to effectively broadcast to their target audience.
This includes visual media such as YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr and others.
Many social management systems have a limited reach as far as creating a variety of exposure for a single announcement.

This is why you need to connect to the Social API.

The SocialAPI is made to work with any type of business.
We do of course have some restrictions.

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