Social API Dashboard

Welcome to your Social API management Dashboard!

From here you will need to visit each of the sections listed here to complete as much information as possible. The more information that you’re able to provide will help achieve the best results.

Social API - User Business Information

This is your basic postal address and contact information. This information will be what people on the Internet .

Social API Profile Images

These images will be used in order for any profiles that the Social API updates around the Internet

Social Networks

Here you will find the logins and recording of all of your social networks

coupons and promos

Enter your website’s promos and coupons as well as schedule them for future dates

membership options

Select different benefits to add features and productivity to your SEO Dashboard

Social API Form URLs to Promote and RSS Feed

It is best to list the most important URLs in the first 8 positions and then list the rest in the order of priority that you would like to promote these in a rotation which is controlled by whatever schedule you provide.

media scheduling(only do Media Scheduling after 
Social API Form URLs to Promote and RSS Feed
has at least one valid URL)

Social API Form Keyword Management

Select any keywords that you can think of which are best used to describe your business or service. Separate a list by commas or place them in a list.