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Growth hackers.

Rocking the SEO

Chuc Mason – CEO, Unleash Your Geek, Inc.

A term that is only a few years old and coined by a guy who is pretty smart and has quite a bit of experience.

The thing is that “growth hackers” were here before there was a name. So who decides that we are part of this elite group? And how do you get referred as a growth hacker?

WHAT is growth hacking??

It’s a cool term right? And it really does do a good job of encapsulating the meaning of what this specialty encompasses. Almost.

Growth Hacking in summary is someone who is using their vast experience, analytical skills, as well as a plethora of talent that only comes with years of experience.

So what brings me here today with this mysterious article that after 3 inches of space still hasn’t made a point?

I confess. I am a growth hacker. I didn’t know it until recently but when I started looking back at Unleash Your Geek’s innovative history it appears that we, me and Unleash Your Geek, Inc., are technically growth hackers! Isn’t that exciting!?

What you call growth hacking is actually what we’ve been doing for longer than I can remember. I know that the Wayback Machine, Alexa, and Google Analytics can probably tell us though!So where does that leave is?

A brilliant marketer by the name of Ryan Holiday wrote a book about this if you get curious:

“Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising”
Paperback – September 30, 2014
by Ryan Holiday (Author)

Also, Wikipedia has a short and sweet definition which gives credit to Ryan for the term Growth Hacker. It doesn’t claim that he himself invented this process.

Ryan, for anyone familiar with his influence, recognizes that his influence and knowledge in the industry has proven itself.  Who decides that someone is adequately classified and skilled as a Growth Hacker? By definition this skill can and does carry over into many different skill sets and a wide variety of experience in a diverse background of internet marketing. In my eyes a strong addition to this skills list is a niche talent that includes Technical SEO.


Growth Hacker Marketing

Growth Hacker Marketing


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