What are the biggest challenges you have as an SEO provider when communicating with clients who:

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1.) Don’t understand technology or the television remote control
2.) Have a “friend” or a “cousin” who “knows computers” and they need to verify your years of experience and professional opinion with a 17 year high school dropout.
3.) Regardless of these challenges we face these same cherished clients who are still deciding if they want to give us their business will second guess every answer you give them.

Why does this happen?

It’s because poorly qualified SEO personalities have reduced the trust from the business community. Also there is no outline of service for this industry and no one knows what questions to ask and who is giving the right answers.

You as a business or as an SEO provider are not alone. These are common challenges.

And here is a place where you can ask me some questions which might help you deal with some of these situations.

So who would like to start?