Before and After SEO results from our Social API Launch

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How cool is that!?
Using our own tool to promote our site.
If you found our website and are reading this article then that means the Social API system is working!





The difference?

Rocking the SEO – SOCIAL API

Our system cleaned up the sources of traffic which improved the quality of visitors.

Traffic was reduced while increasing the percentage of quality visitors who are more likely to buy.

From the chart you can see how the bounce rate for these periods was significantly reduced. What this means is that fewer people hit the BACK button and continued to read the information on the website.

We can tell that people stayed on the website by the Avg Session Duration (Average Session Duration) which is exactly that. The amount of time spent on the website.

Overall the Social API took with the Growth Hacking system took care of business within the first 2 weeks of being implemented! This is one of the fastest solutions on the market.

We tested this on our own site as well as every one of our customers. Those statistics are being gathered for public posting as we consider our clients data to be confidential. We will try to have this posted in the next few days but those stats are equally if not more impressive than our measly little SEO website!




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